Meet our founders

Bella and Bear 🩷🩷


At BELLA n' BEAR, we are more than just a boutique. We are a story of following your passion and embracing your true calling instead of following the heard just because someone told you too. Founded in 2022 by Jen, a (short-lived) accountant turned boutique owner, our store is a celebration of individuality, style, and self-expression.


From the moment Jen graduated from university, she knew that her heart belonged in the world of fashion. Leaving behind the corporate world shortly after she joined it, she took a leap of faith and opened BELLA n' BEAR, a haven for fashion enthusiasts not just to follow the hottest trends and build capsule wardrobes but to embrace your unique style. That's why we offer a diverse range of products that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic designs to bold statement pieces, our collections are selected to inspire and empower.


What sets BELLA n' BEAR apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone, and we take pride in helping our customers find the perfect pieces to suit their style and personality. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the excitement on a customer's face, or receiving incredible feedback when they find the outfit that makes them feel amazing.


Join us on this passionate lifelong love for clothing and fashion and let BELLA n' BEAR be your go-to destination for your everyday pieces or your next event outfit. Embrace your individuality, express your style, and let your BELLA n' BEAR pieces take you wherever you may go!


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